AO Fluent HTML Servlet Changelog


Snapshot Notes

  • New project for fluent Java DSL for high-performance HTML generation in a Servlet environment.
  • New context-paramcom.aoindustries.html.Serialization.default that allows an application to control the selection of HTML versus XHTML. Supports three values:
    • SGML - Use HTML always
    • XML - Use XHTML always
    • auto - (default) - Automatically choose based on the client's Accept header
  • New methods Serialization.set(…) and Serialization.get(…) that allow the registration of the serialization in effect on the request.
  • New method Doctype.getDefault(…) that provides the default doctype for an application. First checks context-paramcom.aoindustries.html.Doctype.default, then defaults to "HTML5" when not present, empty, or "default".
  • New methods Doctype.set(…) and Doctype.get(…) that allow the registration of the doctype in effect on the request.