AO Lang

project: current stablemanagement: productionpackaging: active
java: >= 7semantic versioning: 2.0.0license: LGPL v3

Minimal Java library with no external dependencies shared by many other projects.


  • Small, simple, unfocused utilities that are generally extensions to the standard Java libraries.
  • Shared by many other projects and can be used to glue them together.
  • Small footprint, self-contained, no transitive dependencies - not part of a big monolithic package.
  • Java 1.7 implementation:
    • Android compatible.
    • Java EE 6+ compatible.


As we untangle our monolitic AOCode Public project, we are placing small, simple, and unfocused utilities into this new project. These tools are generally extensions to the standard Java libraries. The ao-lang project is used by many other projects, but does not have any dependencies itself.


There may be functionality that is also found in other projects. This project is of a different evolutionary origin.