AO Net Types Changelog


Release Notes

  • New project for Networking-related value types for Java.
  • Pulled existing network value types out of AOServ Client into this new AO Net Types project.
  • Renamed NetPort to Port.
  • Added full listing of Protocols from
  • Added AddressFamily enumeration and InetAddress.getAddressFamily() method. Deprecated InetAddress.isIPv4() and InetAddress.isIPv6().
  • Ports are now a combination of port number and protocol instead of just port number. For example, 143/TCP.
  • PortRanges are a combination of port range and protocol. For example, 8080-8087/TCP.
  • InetAddress improvements:
    1. Fixed bug in IPv4 multicast network mask.
    2. IPv4 addresses are now internally stored in the IPv4-mapped space instead of IPv4-compatibility. This resolves the ambiguity between unspecified IPv6 :: and IPv4
    3. All bit sequences internally represented by constants to aid in code readability and correctness.
    4. Separated isTeredo() from is6to4().
    5. Added missing TEST-NET-2 and TEST-NET-3 in isDocumentation().
    6. Added isGlobalUnicast() to check for Global Unicast addresses.
    7. Internal representation is now two long fields instead of a LongLong object.
    8. IPv4-compatibility addresses are deprecated. They are no longer considered members of various IPv4-mapped network ranges.
  • New AddressType enum corresponding to RFC 4291, Section 2.4. Address Type Identification.
  • New InetAddressPrefix that is a compound type of InetAddress and an associated prefix.
  • New InetAddressPrefixes constants of standard network prefixes.
  • New Protocol.getProtocolByKeyword(String) method to get protocols by their standard keyword.
  • Updated dependencies.