Function Summary

long ${ao:getLastModified(String)}

Gets the lastModified timestamp in milliseconds since Epoch or 0 when not known.

String ${ao:addLastModified(String)}

If the URL represents a local resource, a parameter of "lastModified=#####" will be automatically added with the timestamp of the local resource to the nearest second.

String ${ao:encodeURIComponent(String)}

Encodes a value for use in a URI path component, query string, or fragment.

String ${ao:decodeURIComponent(String)}

Decodes a value from use as a URI path component, query string, or fragment.

String ${ao:encodeURI(String)}

Encodes a URI to ASCII format.

String ${ao:decodeURI(String)}

Decodes a URI to Unicode format.

String ${ao:encodeURL(String)}

Rewrites a URL to maintain session state or otherwise alter the URL mapping.

String ${ao:getAbsoluteURL(String)}

Generates an absolute URL for the provided context-relative URL. The URL is not automatically response encodeURL.

String ${ao:getDecimalTimeLength(Long)}

Gets a time span display for a given number of milliseconds or null for null milliseconds.

boolean ${ao:isForwarded()}

Determines if the current request has been forwarded by a <ao:forward> or <ao:redirect> tag.

String ${ao:join(Iterable, String)}

Joins elements of any Iterable into a String.

String ${ao:message(String)}

Gets a value from the current localization bundle given its key. No parameters may be provided. Must be nested inside a <ao:bundle> tag.

String ${ao:wordWrap(String, int)}

Word wraps a String.

double ${ao:ceil(double)}

Calls java.lang.Math.ceil(double).

double ${ao:floor(double)}

Calls java.lang.Math.floor(double).

long ${ao:round(double)}

Calls java.lang.Math.round(double).