1. Clears the current output buffer (leaving status code and headers)
  2. Sets the response contentType between html / xhtml based on forceHtml attribute and request headers
  3. Writes the DOCTYPE unless set to "none"
  4. Writes the <html> tag, including the xmlns, lang, and xml:lang attributes based on the locale of the current response.

Tag Information

Tag Class: com.aoindustries.taglib.HtmlTag
TagExtraInfo Class: com.aoindustries.taglib.HtmlTagTEI
Body Content: scriptless
Display Name: None


Name Required Evaluation Type Description
doctype No Runtime String

The doctype to use, one of html5, strict, transitional, frameset, or none. Defaults to strict. none will suppress the output of a doctype.

forceHtml No Runtime boolean

If set to true, forces the content-type to be text/html. If set to false (the default), will negotiate content-type based on browser support. This should normally be left with the default value of false. This is used when the content is known to contain invalid markup and can't be parsed as XML.

class No Runtime String

The CSS class for the <html> tag.

oldIeClass No Runtime String

An optional CSS class that is added for older versions of IE (before IE 9).


No Variables Defined.