Writes the value with proper escaping based on the context of the tag. Supports data types beyond <c:out>.

In addition to the usual set of coercions expected for <c:out>, also supports writing XML nodes such as for HTML snippets.

The content type depends on the value provided to the type attribute, and defaults to text/plain. The content is checked for well-formedness based on its type:

  • javascript or text/javascript - no validation
  • json or application/json - no validation
  • ld_json or application/ld+json - no validation
  • text or text/plain - no validation
  • url or text/url - must be a valid URL
  • xhtml or application/xhtml+xml - must be well-formed XHTML content. (Note: Currently only checks character values.)
  • xhtml_attribute or application/xhtml+xml+attribute - must be a valid XHTML attribute.
  • mysql or text/x+mysql - must be valid for the MySQL command line "mysql"
  • psql or text/x+psql - must be valid for the PostgreSQL command line "psql"
  • sh or text/x+sh - must be valid shell script

Tag Information

Tag Class: com.aoindustries.taglib.OutTag
TagExtraInfo Class: com.aoindustries.taglib.OutTagTEI
Body Content: scriptless
Display Name: None


Name Required Evaluation Type Description
value No Runtime Object

The value to be written. A nested <ao:value> tag will override this value.

default No Runtime Object

The default value if the resulting value is null.

type No Runtime Object

Specifies the type of content contained in the value. Defaults to text/plain. A nested <ao:type> tag will override this value.


No Variables Defined.