AO TLDs Changelog


Snapshot Notes

  • Updated version of AO OSS Parent.
  • Using managed dependencies:
    1. This project uses transitive managed dependencies.
    2. This project's managed dependencies may also be imported by other projects.


Release Notes

  • Minimum Java version changed from 1.6 to 1.7.
  • Updated bundled tlds-alpha-by-domain.txt to version 2019042200.
  • Exposed TopLevelDomain.Snapshot, which is the mechanism used to represent a single moment-in-time for both the list and its meta-data. This is useful when multiple operations need to be performed against a single moment-in-time representation of the list.
  • Added SQL implementation in alternate "sql" classifier.
  • Now using bundled bootstrap top-level domain list when it is newer than the version from preferences. This can occur when a system that was able to auto-update in the past, but is currently unable to, gets updated to a newer version of ao-tlds.
  • New method isBootstrap() to determine whether the data is obtained from the bundled bootstrap data or from an automatic update.


Release Notes

  • Updated comments and variable names to match implementation of minimum + random update intervals.
  • Updated dependencies.


Release Notes

  • New self-updating Java API to get top-level domains.