Class SpamAssassinManager.RazorLogTrimmer

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public static class SpamAssassinManager.RazorLogTrimmer extends Object implements CronJob
TODO: Make this be a standard Unix-based cron job, outside aoserv-daemon package, so that functionality remains when aoserv-daemon disabled or uninstalled.

TODO: Check for compatibility with CentOS 7

  • Constructor Details

    • RazorLogTrimmer

      public RazorLogTrimmer()
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    • getSchedule

      public Schedule getSchedule()
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      getSchedule in interface CronJob
    • run

      public void run(int minute, int hour, int dayOfMonth, int month, int dayOfWeek, int year)
      Once a day, all of the razor-agent.log files are cleaned to only include the last 1000 lines.
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      run in interface CronJob
    • getThreadPriority

      public int getThreadPriority()
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      getThreadPriority in interface CronJob