public final class ProcSys extends Object
Encapsulates the output of the /proc/sys/fs files.
AO Industries, Inc.
  • Field Details

    • filesAllocated

      public final int filesAllocated
    • filesUsed

      public final int filesUsed
    • filesMax

      public final int filesMax
    • nrInodes

      public final int nrInodes
    • nrFreeInodes

      public final int nrFreeInodes
    • inodePreshrink

      public final int inodePreshrink
    • msgmax

      public final int msgmax
    • msgmnb

      public final int msgmnb
    • msgmni

      public final int msgmni
    • nrMsg

      public final int nrMsg
    • entropyAvail

      public final int entropyAvail
    • rtsigMax

      public final int rtsigMax
    • rtsigNr

      public final int rtsigNr
    • semmsl

      public final int semmsl
    • semmns

      public final int semmns
    • semopm

      public final int semopm
    • semmni

      public final int semmni
    • nrSem

      public final int nrSem
    • shmall

      public final int shmall
    • shmmax

      public final int shmmax
    • shmmni

      public final int shmmni
    • nrShm

      public final int nrShm
    • shmUsed

      public final int shmUsed
    • threadsMax

      public final int threadsMax
  • Constructor Details

    • ProcSys

      public ProcSys()