public final class CreateAccount extends Object
Code to create an basic, but complete account with one web site. This is only representative of how to create an account. AO Industries is not responsible for maintaining this code.
AO Industries, Inc.
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      public static void createAccount(AoservConnector conn, PrintWriter out, Account.Name accountingTemplate, String server, Account.Name parentAccount, String packageDefinitionCategory, String packageDefinitionName, String packageDefinitionVersion, User.Name jvmUsername, String jvmPassword, User.Name ftpUsername, String ftpPassword, Group.Name groupName, String siteNameTemplate, User.Name mysqlAdminUsername, User.Name mysqlAppUsername, String mysqlAppPassword, InetAddress ipAddress, String netDevice, boolean ownsIpAddress, Email serverAdmin, DomainName primaryHttpHostname, DomainName[] altHttpHostnames, String tomcatVersion) throws IOException, SQLException, ValidationException
      Creates an account, automatically allocating as many resources as possible. More control of account layout may be obtained by customizing this code.
      conn - the AoservConnector to communicate with
      out - if provided, verbose output is displayed during account creation
      accountingTemplate - the beginning part of the accounting code
      server - the hostname of the server to set up the account on
      parentAccount - the accounting code of the parent business
      packageDefinitionCategory - the category for the PackageDefinition
      packageDefinitionName - the name of the PackageDefinition
      packageDefinitionVersion - the version of the PackageDefinition. Please note that the combination of parentBusiness, packageDefinitionCategory, packageDefinitionName, and packageDefinitionVersion uniquely identifies one PackageDefinition
      jvmUsername - the username the JVM will run as
      jvmPassword - the password for the JVM
      ftpUsername - the username that will be allowed to FTP only to the site
      ftpPassword - the password for the FTP access
      groupName - the name of the Linux group that the JVM and FTP accounts share
      siteNameTemplate - the template used for site name creation
      mysqlAdminUsername - the username of the existing User that is allowed to admin the new DB
      mysqlAppUsername - the username that will have limited access to the database
      mysqlAppPassword - the password associated with the newly created application user account
      ipAddress - the IP address the site will respond to
      ownsIpAddress - if true, the IP address ownership will be changed to the newly created Package
      serverAdmin - the email address of the business_administrator who is responsible for web site maintenance
      primaryHttpHostname - the primary hostname for the HTTP server
      altHttpHostnames - the alternate hostnames for the HTTP server
      tomcatVersion - the version of Tomcat to install