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com.aoindustries.aoserv.ipreputation - module com.aoindustries.aoserv.ipreputation
com.aoindustries.ipreputation - package com.aoindustries.ipreputation
conn - Variable in class com.aoindustries.ipreputation.IpReputationMonitor


IpReputationDaemon - Class in com.aoindustries.ipreputation
IP reputation daemon.
IpReputationMonitor - Class in com.aoindustries.ipreputation
Monitors some external resource to gain IP reputation information.
IpReputationMonitor(AoservConnector, Properties, int) - Constructor for class com.aoindustries.ipreputation.IpReputationMonitor
All implementations must have a public constructor with these same parameters.


LogMonitor - Class in com.aoindustries.ipreputation
Parses log files line-by-line with regular expression to extract reputation.
LogMonitor(AoservConnector, Properties, int) - Constructor for class com.aoindustries.ipreputation.LogMonitor
Creates a new log monitor.


main(String[]) - Static method in class com.aoindustries.ipreputation.IpReputationDaemon
Runs the IP reputation daemon.


NetstatMonitor - Class in com.aoindustries.ipreputation
Monitors netstat for active connections, increasing their reputation the longer connected.
NetstatMonitor(AoservConnector, Properties, int) - Constructor for class com.aoindustries.ipreputation.NetstatMonitor
Creates a new netstat monitor.
num - Variable in class com.aoindustries.ipreputation.IpReputationMonitor


start() - Method in class com.aoindustries.ipreputation.IpReputationMonitor
Starts this monitor, must return quickly while monitor runs in non-daemon background thread.
start() - Method in class com.aoindustries.ipreputation.LogMonitor
start() - Method in class com.aoindustries.ipreputation.NetstatMonitor
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