Adds a link tag to this page. In precedence order, the href may be provided as:

  1. Nested <ao:content> tag
  2. href attribute
  3. Body

Please note, that any links to stylesheets here are never optimized. Please prefer the AO Web Resources Taglib.

Tag Information

Tag Class: com.aoindustries.website.skintags.LinkTag
TagExtraInfo Class: com.aoindustries.website.skintags.LinkTagTEI
Body Content: scriptless
Display Name: None


Name Required Evaluation Type Description
rel No Runtime String

The rel of the link. A nested <ao:rel> tag will override this value.

href No Runtime String

The href of the link. A nested <ao:href> tag will override this value.

Parameters must be properly URL encoded but not XML encoded (with & instead of &amp;). The path before the first ? will be encoded by this tag. The preferred approach is to add any necessary parameters using nested <ao:param> and <ao:params> tags.

type No Runtime String

The type of the link tag. A nested <ao:type> tag will override this value.

conditionalCommentExpression No Runtime String

If provided, will enclose the link in an IE conditional comment. This is useful to include specific stylesheets for specific versions of IE. The accepted values are:

IE 6Uses the link for IE 6 only.
IE 7Uses the link for IE 7 or IE 8 in compatibility mode.
IE 8Uses the link for IE 8 only.


No Variables Defined.