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Current Capacity
Both our internal network and our connections to the Xeroscape switches are wired with 100 Mbit ethernet. From there, Xeroscape uses multiple DS3/OC3 links from Tier 1 providers such as WilTEl Communications and AT&T. Unlike our Fremont, California location, we do not currently have the option of gigabit networking through Xeroscape. However, Xeroscape's networking is sufficient to maintain excellent reliability and performance for all of the machines on their network.
Rack Space
Compared to Hurricane Electric, Xeroscape has a limited amount of space in their colocation facilities. For this reason, their rack space costs are significantly higher. We have been installing new servers to Fremont, California and Amsterdam, Netherlands. However, if you prefer your servers to be in Kansas City this location is still an option.
Xeroscape provides 15-amp circuits separate from the racks. This gives us a little more flexibility in server configuration and helps us somewhat offset the additional price for the racks. Xeroscape has recently improved their power system to provide much more uninterruptible power supply (UPS) capacity and diesel generator backup.
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