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public final class AlertChange extends Object implements Serializable
Encapsulates the results of changing alert level or category.
AO Industries, Inc.
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  • Method Details

    • getNode

      public Node getNode()
      Gets the node that changed status.
    • getNodeFullPath

      public String getNodeFullPath()
      Gets the full path for simplified displays.
    • getOldAlertLevel

      public AlertLevel getOldAlertLevel()
      Gets the old alert level.
    • getNewAlertLevel

      public AlertLevel getNewAlertLevel()
      Gets the new alert level.
    • getAlertMessage

      public String getAlertMessage()
      Gets the associated alert message.
    • getOldAlertCategory

      public AlertCategory getOldAlertCategory()
      Gets the old alert category.
    • getNewAlertCategory

      public AlertCategory getNewAlertCategory()
      Gets the new alert category.