Class TableResult

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    public final class TableResult
    extends Result
    implements Serializable
    Encapsulates the results that may be in a table, including table columns headers and rows. Each row has a different alert level.
    AO Industries, Inc.
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    Serialized Form
    • Method Detail

      • isError

        public boolean isError()
        If is an error, columns=1, rows=1, and tableData.get(0) has the error.
      • getColumns

        public int getColumns()
        Gets the number of columns in the table.
      • getRows

        public int getRows()
        Gets the number of rows in the table.
      • getColumnHeaders

        public List<String> getColumnHeaders​(Locale locale)
        Gets the column headers for the table.
      • getTableData

        public List<?> getTableData​(Locale locale)
        Gets the table data, each element may be found with the expression:
         List<?> tableData = tableResult.getTableData();
         int columns = tableResult.getColumns();
         Object cellData = tableData.get(row*columns + column);
      • getAlertLevels

        public List<AlertLevel> getAlertLevels()
        Gets the alert level on a per-row basis.