Class DefaultUdpPortMonitor


public class DefaultUdpPortMonitor extends PortMonitor
Monitors any UDP port.
AO Industries, Inc.
  • Constructor Details

    • DefaultUdpPortMonitor

      public DefaultUdpPortMonitor(InetAddress ipAddress, Port port)
      Creates a new default UDP monitor.
  • Method Details

    • cancel

      public void cancel()
      Description copied from class: PortMonitor

      Cancels this port method on a best effort basis. This will not necessarily cause the checkPort method to return immediately. This should only be used once the result of checkPort is no longer relevant, such as after a timeout. Some monitors may still perform their task arbitrarily long after cancel has been called.

      It is critical that subclass implementations of this method not block in any way.

      cancel in class PortMonitor
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    • checkPort

      public String checkPort() throws Exception
      Description copied from class: PortMonitor
      Checks the port. This may take arbitrarily long to complete, and any timeout should be provided externally and call the cancel method. If any error occurs, must throw an exception.
      Specified by:
      checkPort in class PortMonitor
      the message indicating success
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