Interface Removable

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AccountHost, Address, Administrator, AttachmentBlock, Bind, BlackholeAddress, Context, ContextDataSource, ContextParameter, CreditCard, CvsRepository, Database, Database, DatabaseUser, Domain, FileReplicationSetting, Forwarding, Group, GroupServer, GroupUser, GuestUser, InboxAddress, JkMount, List, ListAddress, Location, MajordomoServer, PackageDefinition, Pipe, PipeAddress, Record, SharedTomcat, Site, SmtpRelay, User, User, User, User, UserServer, UserServer, UserServer, VirtualHostName, Zone

public interface Removable
Flags an AoservObjects as being able to be removed with a call to the remove() method.
AO Industries, Inc.
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    Modifier and Type
    List<? extends CannotRemoveReason<?>>
    Lists the reasons an object may not be removed.
    Removes this object, and all dependant objects, from the system.