Class Server.FilesystemReport

Enclosing class:

public static class Server.FilesystemReport extends Object
  • Method Details

    • getMountPoint

      public String getMountPoint()
    • getDevice

      public String getDevice()
    • getBytes

      public long getBytes()
    • getUsed

      public long getUsed()
    • getFree

      public long getFree()
    • getUse

      public byte getUse()
    • getInodes

      public Long getInodes()
    • getInodesUsed

      public Long getInodesUsed()
    • getInodesFree

      public Long getInodesFree()
    • getInodeUse

      public Byte getInodeUse()
    • getFsType

      public String getFsType()
    • getMountOptions

      public String getMountOptions()
    • getExtState

      public String getExtState()
    • getExtMaxMount

      public String getExtMaxMount()
    • getExtCheckInterval

      public String getExtCheckInterval()
    • getConfigMessage

      public String getConfigMessage()
      Checks that this filesystem matches the expected configuration for a Server.
      the message describing the configuration warning or null if all configs OK.
    • isClean

      public boolean isClean()
      Checks that this filesystem is in a clean state and does not require any corrective action.