Class ReportGenerator

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public final class ReportGenerator extends Object implements CronJob
Automatically generates various reports on a regular basis. These reports are then used by the accounting system to charge the appropriate amount. These reports may be missed and will not be created when missed. Anything depending on these reports should get its information from the reports that are available without depending on all reports being present. It is an acceptable error condition if not a single report in a month has occurred.
AO Industries, Inc.
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    • start

      public static void start()
    • getSchedule

      public Schedule getSchedule()
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      getSchedule in interface CronJob
    • getThreadPriority

      public int getThreadPriority()
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      getThreadPriority in interface CronJob
    • run

      public void run(int minute, int hour, int dayOfMonth, int month, int dayOfWeek, int year)
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      run in interface CronJob