Function Summary

String ${aoweb:getCardNumberDisplay(String)}

Formats a card number for display. The card number may be a full or masked format. Displays as "•••• ####", where the "####" is the last-four digits of the card number. Each digit may be represented by a "?" when it is unknown.

When null, null is returned.

When an empty string, after trimming, an empty string is returned.

String ${aoweb:getExpirationDisplay(Byte, Short)}

Formats a card expiration date for display in "MM / YYYY" format.

When both expirationMonth and expirationYear are unknown, null is returned.

When expirationMonth is unknown, returns in "?? / YYYY" format.

When expirationYear is unknown, returns in "MM / ????" format.

String ${aoweb:getCurrencySymbol(Currency)}

Gets the symbol for a currency in the current response locale.