Class CommunicationPane

All Implemented Interfaces:
TableListener, ImageObserver, MenuContainer, Serializable, Accessible

public class CommunicationPane extends JPanel implements TableListener
Central point of all client communication.

TODO: Make filters persistent (Expand to selected on trees) TODO: Make table column settings persistent TODO: Remember tree open/close states between different filter views - store as preferences. TODO: If account or category selected don't hide it

TODO: This pane fails to initialize when a Brand's parent is not also a Brand Nothing logged. I'm guessing a NPE somewhere.

AO Industries, Inc.
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  • Constructor Details

    • CommunicationPane

      public CommunicationPane(Noc noc)
      Creates a new central point of all client communication.
  • Method Details

    • exitApplication

      public boolean exitApplication()
      Called when the application is about to exit.
      true to allow the window(s) to close or false to cancel the event.
    • tableUpdated

      public void tableUpdated(Table<?> table)
      Specified by:
      tableUpdated in interface TableListener