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public class LoadAverageResult extends TableMultiResult implements Serializable
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  • Constructor Details

    • LoadAverageResult

      public LoadAverageResult(long time, long latency, AlertLevel alertLevel, String error)
    • LoadAverageResult

      public LoadAverageResult(long time, long latency, AlertLevel alertLevel, float oneMinute, float fiveMinute, float tenMinute, int runningProcesses, int totalProcesses, int lastPid, float loadLow, float loadMedium, float loadHigh, float loadCritical)
  • Method Details

    • getRowDataSize

      public int getRowDataSize()
      Description copied from class: TableMultiResult
      Gets the number of data elements for this result.
      Specified by:
      getRowDataSize in class TableMultiResult
    • getRowData

      public Object getRowData(int index)
      Description copied from class: TableMultiResult
      Gets the data for one row. This should not include the time and latency, they are implied. When there is an error, getRowData will not be checked and should return null.
      Specified by:
      getRowData in class TableMultiResult
    • getOneMinute

      public float getOneMinute()
    • getFiveMinute

      public float getFiveMinute()
    • getTenMinute

      public float getTenMinute()
    • getRunningProcesses

      public int getRunningProcesses()
    • getTotalProcesses

      public int getTotalProcesses()
    • getLastPid

      public int getLastPid()
    • getLoadLow

      public float getLoadLow()
    • getLoadMedium

      public float getLoadMedium()
    • getLoadHigh

      public float getLoadHigh()
    • getLoadCritical

      public float getLoadCritical()