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HttpdServerResult, LoadAverageResult, MemoryResult, MysqlReplicationResult, NetBindResult, NetDeviceBitRateResult, PingResult, TimeResult, UpsResult

public abstract class TableMultiResult extends Result implements Serializable
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  • Constructor Details

    • TableMultiResult

      protected TableMultiResult(long time, long latency, AlertLevel alertLevel, String error)
      Either error is null or rowData is null, it cannot be that both are null or both are not null.
  • Method Details

    • getError

      public String getError()
      If is an error, gets the error message or null for no error.
    • getRowDataSize

      public abstract int getRowDataSize()
      Gets the number of data elements for this result.
    • getRowData

      public abstract Object getRowData(int index)
      Gets the data for one row. This should not include the time and latency, they are implied. When there is an error, getRowData will not be checked and should return null.
    • getAlertLevel

      public AlertLevel getAlertLevel()
      Gets the alert level for this row.