Class FilesystemCachedTable<K,V extends FilesystemCachedObject<K,V>>

All Implemented Interfaces:
FileListObjectFactory<V>, Table<V>, Iterable<V>
Direct Known Subclasses:

public abstract class FilesystemCachedTable<K,V extends FilesystemCachedObject<K,V>> extends AoservTable<K,V> implements FileListObjectFactory<V>
A FilesystemCachedTable stores all of the available FilesystemCachedObjects in a temporary file and performs all subsequent data access locally. The server notifies the client when a table is updated, and the caches are then invalidated. Once invalidated, the data is reloaded upon next use.

The file format is a simple fixed record length format.

TODO: It is possible to use the same column sorting technique to implement the getIndexedRows method from AoservTable.

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