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DtoFactory<UserName>, FastExternalizable, Internable<User.Name>, Externalizable, Serializable, Comparable<User.Name>
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public static class User.Name extends Object implements Comparable<User.Name>, FastExternalizable, DtoFactory<UserName>, Internable<User.Name>
Represents the most general form of a user name. This is has the fewest constraints; other types of accounts constrain this further. User names must:
  • Be non-null
  • Be non-empty
  • Be between 1 and 255 characters
  • Must start with [a-z]
  • Uses only ASCII 0x21 through 0x7f, excluding space , : ( ) [ ] ' " | & ; A-Z \ /
  • If contains any @ symbol, must also be a valid email address. Please note that the reverse is not implied - email addresses may exist that are not valid user ids.

TODO: Should we allow Unicode here, since we now have a more restrictive User.Name for shell accounts?

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