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Streamable, StreamReadable, StreamWritable, Row, AoservReadable, AoservStreamable, AoservWritable

public final class TopLevelDomain extends GlobalObjectDomainNameKey<TopLevelDomain>
A DNSTLD is a name server top level domain. A top level domain is a domain that is one level above that which is controlled by AO Industries' name servers. Some common examples include com, net, org,, aq (OK - not so common), and The domains added to the name servers must be in the format subdomain.dns_tld, where subdomain is a word without dots (.), and dns_tld is one of the top level domains in the database. If a top level domain does not exist that properly should, please contact AO Industries to have it added.

Also, this is a list of effective top-level domains, for the purposes of domain allocation. This means it includes things like, whereas the TopLevelDomain only includes au.

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