All Implemented Interfaces:
DtoFactory<PosixPath>, Internable<PosixPath>, Serializable, Comparable<PosixPath>

public final class PosixPath extends Object implements Comparable<PosixPath>, Serializable, DtoFactory<PosixPath>, Internable<PosixPath>
Represents a full path in POSIX style. Paths must:
  • Be non-null
  • Be non-empty
  • Start with a /
  • Not contain any null characters
  • Not contain any /../ or /./ path elements
  • Not end with / unless "/"
  • Not end with /.. or /.
  • Not contain any // in the path

TODO: This matches Path with the exception of disallowing trailing slash except for "/". Remove this redundancy? Subclass Path?

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