All Implemented Interfaces:
Streamable, StreamReadable, StreamWritable, Row, AoservReadable, AoservStreamable, AoservWritable, SingleTableObject<SmallIdentifier,Process>

public class Process extends Process
A mutable version of Process used to track processes on the master server.
AO Industries, Inc.
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  • Method Details

    • setLogCommands

      public static void setLogCommands(boolean logCommands)
      Turns on/off command logging.
    • getLogCommands

      public static boolean getLogCommands()
    • commandCompleted

      public void commandCompleted()
    • commandRunning

      public void commandRunning()
    • commandSleeping

      public void commandSleeping()
    • setAoservProtocol

      public void setAoservProtocol(String aoservProtocol)
    • getCommand

      public String[] getCommand()
      getCommand in class Process
    • setCommand

      public void setCommand(Object... command)
    • setAuthenticatedUser

      public void setAuthenticatedUser(User.Name username)
    • setConnectorId

      public void setConnectorId(Identifier connectorId)
    • setDeamonServer

      public void setDeamonServer(int server)
    • setEffectiveUser

      public void setEffectiveUser(User.Name username)
    • setPriority

      public void setPriority(int priority)