AOServ Webservices Webapp Changelog


Release Notes


Release Notes

  • Performed Checkstyle clean-up:
    1. Renamed AOServService to AoservService.
    2. Renamed validateLinuxID to validateLinuxId.


Release Notes


Release Notes

  • Updated to Java™ EE 7 Web Profile (Servlet 3.1, JSP 2.3, EL 3.0, and JSTL 1.2).
  • Now supports Java 9+ modules with included module-info.class.


Release Notes

  • Project moved to GitHub and Maven.
  • Updated to Java™ EE 6 Web Profile (Servlet 3.0, JSP 2.2, EL 2.2, and JSTL 1.2).
  • Updated dependencies.
  • Selectively skipping build steps for *-SNAPSHOT builds.
  • Axis2 now built with overlay of Maven "war" artifact.
  • No longer including the Axis2 username and password in Git and Maven artifacts.

    The Maven properties for the filters are only set in the development (activated while running in NetBeans) and publish (used for publishing to production Tomcat) profiles.

    The Axis2 username and password are not set on release builds, since release builds have neither the development nor the publish profiles active. Release builds are deployed to artifact repositories, while snapshot builds are never deployed (they are only installed locally or published to Tomcat). This is consistent with the fact we only run snapshot versions in production, be it a *-SNAPSHOT (developmental version) or a *-POST-SNAPSHOT (maintenance version).

  • Removed truststore in WEB-INF/truststore, since is now a Let's Encrypt certificate.