AOWeb Struts Changelog


Snapshot Notes

  • Minimum Java version changed from 1.7 to 11.
  • Now supports Java 9+ modules.
  • Reduced use of property substitutions in pom.xml. This is to help 3rd-party parsers that fail to perform full Maven-compatible substitutions.
  • Updated version of AOWeb Struts Core.
  • Updated version of AOWeb Struts Resources.
  • Updated version of AOWeb Struts Webapp.


Release Notes


Release Notes

  • Updated version of AO OSS Parent.
  • Minimum Java version changed from 1.6 to 1.7.
  • Using managed dependencies:
    1. This project uses managed dependencies.
    2. This project's managed dependencies may also be imported by other projects.


Release Notes

  • New releases of modules.
  • Updated dependencies.


Release Notes

  • Adjusted old Ant build.xml for new Maven structure.
  • New AO OSS Parent POM to simplify pom.xml files.
  • Project documentation moved to per-project book in SemanticCMS format.
  • Added changelog as top-level project link.


Release Notes

  • Using standard filter set provided by SemanticCMS.
  • Improved Javadoc formatting.
  • Improved README formatting.
  • Working on SemanticCMS integration.
  • shortTitle may now be specified on a per-parent basis, for when the shortTitle only makes sense within the context of that specific parent. This is useful for navigation items such as breadcrumbs or trees.
  • No more page stack, just show title for current page only.
  • Canonical URLs configured per-book.


Release Notes

  • Project moved to GitHub and Maven.
  • Web resources moved to separate jar file to share between projects without having to copy into the web root. Thank you servlets 3.0 for allowing us to no longer copy JSP files between projects with tedious build systems.
  • Moved Java implementation to aoweb-struts-core package.
  • Packaged for compatibility with old Ant build system.