AOWeb Struts Skin Taglib Reference

Template webapp for legacy Struts-based site framework with AOServ Platform control panels.

This taglib is part of an extensible suite of interoperable, context-aware, auto-encoding taglibs. All auto-encoding tags generate correct output for their context, provide context information for nested tags, and validate the output of nested tags. For example, <ao:message> within <skin:description> will write its output encoded as TEXT, while within <skin:content> (of type "text/html") will write its output encoded as XHTML.

This suite includes, but is not limited to:


Standard Syntax

<%@ taglib prefix="skin" uri="" %>

XML Syntax

<anyxmlelement xmlns:skin="" />

Tag Library Information

Display Name: AOWeb Struts Skin Taglib
Version: 3.0.0
Short Name: skin