Prints a line of content in a content area. Must be nested in a <skin:content> tag.

Tag Information

Tag Class: com.aoindustries.web.struts.skintags.ContentLineTag
TagExtraInfo Class: None
Body Content: JSP
Display Name: None


Name Required Evaluation Type Description
colspan No Runtime int

The starting colspan, other colspan may be applied using <skin:contentVerticalDivider>. Defaults to 1.

align No Runtime String

The starting alignment, other alignments may be applied using <skin:contentVerticalDivider>.

width No Runtime String

The width for the content starting this line.

This should be formatted for use in a style="width:…" attribute, such as 100px or 33%. When a non-zero integer, "px" is automatically added.

endsInternal No Runtime boolean

Indicates the line of content ends internal to the overall content area, this may be the case when a rowspan from a higher line is causing overlap. Defaults to false.


No Variables Defined.