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Our Privacy Policy
At AO Industries, we believe your business is your business. Our business is keeping up our machines so that you may continue your business with confidence and peace of mind.

We have the utmost respect for user privacy, which is why we both support and promote the use of 128-bit encryption on our servers. By utilizing encryption and respecting privacy, we help create a friendly, secure development environment where we hope clients will feel at ease.

All client billing, account, and payment information can be accessed securely, online via 128-bit HTTPS. Client account information is always password protected and encrypted. No other entity or organization besides our client has access to their passwords - not even us.

Unless legally bound to do so, we do not release ANY client information without prior written consent. Though such privacy gives our users a great deal of freedom, it also requires from them a certain amount of responsibility.

All clients are expected to use good judgment when developing their content, and AO Industries cannot be held liable for that content.
For information on what clients can do to maximize security from their end, see Client Security.
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