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Fremont, California
The Fremont data center offers very high capacity and reliability combined with minimum expense. Our internal network is composed of gigabit networking, and we can provide as much bandwidth as desired in this location. Also, our costs for rack space are lowest in this facility and, in turn, some services will cost less in this location.

Our equipment in Fremont, California is housed with Hurricane Electric, in their Fremont Colocation Facility. Almost all aspects of network reliability, network performance, and power are directly obtained from Hurricane Electric. We add network security on top of their system by providing redundant firewalls dividing traffic into physically-isolated networks.

We focus on the security and reliability of hardware, operating systems, and application infrastructure. We count on Hurricane Electric for the networking, power, climate control, and physical security.
Address   The street address of our Fremont, California data center.
Network   The Fremont, California data center network architecture.
Power   The power layout for the Fremont, California data center.
Capacity   The capacity of the Fremont, California data center.
Bandwidth Rates   The current bandwidth rates for our Fremont, California data center.
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