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Reliability Measures
Our Amsterdam, Netherlands networking is provided by Hurricane Electric. We have redundant links from their switches to our redundant firewalls. Our firewalls then connect to physically-isolated networks. Each of these networks uses managed switches connected to each host.
Hurricane Electric
Our networking in Amsterdam, Netherlands is provided by Hurricane Electric. We benefit from all of the network reliability measures they have in place. For details of their network architecture, please see:
Redundant Firewalls
The Hurricane Electric switches connect to our redundant firewalls. Should one firewall fail traffic will be routed through the secondary firewall. This also provides us with the ability to perform firewall maintenance without impacting service.
Physically-Isolated Networks
Each internal network is comprised of one or more managed 24-port switches. These switches have redundant, gigabit uplinks to our firewalls for relability. Althought these switches are not redundant themselves, we have extra switches on location that may be swapped-out at any moment should any switch fail.
Individual Ports
Each port of the managed switches is independently monitored and controlled. Should one server begin to use an abnormal amount of bandwidth, we have the ability to reduce their port speed or shut down their port entirely to maintain overall network reliability.
Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)
When combining our service with the ProtectPoint Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), ProtectPoint provides redundant hardware with automatic failover.
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