Class Preferences


public class Preferences extends Object
Encapsulates and stores the previous user preferences.
AO Industries, Inc.
  • Constructor Details

    • Preferences

      public Preferences(Noc noc)
      Creates a new encapsulation of user preferences.
  • Method Details

    • getDisplayMode

      public Preferences.DisplayMode getDisplayMode()
      Retrieves display mode.
    • setDisplayMode

      public void setDisplayMode(Preferences.DisplayMode displayMode)
      Stores display mode.
    • getTabbedPaneSelectedIndex

      public int getTabbedPaneSelectedIndex()
      Retrieves selected tab when all combined into a single JFrame.
    • setTabbedPaneSelectedIndex

      public void setTabbedPaneSelectedIndex(int tabbedPaneSelectedIndex)
      Stores selected tab when all combined into a single JFrame.
    • getSingleFrameBounds

      public Rectangle getSingleFrameBounds()
      Retrieves bounds when all combined into a single JFrame.
    • setSingleFrameBounds

      public void setSingleFrameBounds(Rectangle singleFrameBounds)
      Stores bounds when all combined into a single JFrame.
    • getAlertsFrameBounds

      public Rectangle getAlertsFrameBounds()
      Retrieves bounds of AlertsPane.
    • setAlertsFrameBounds

      public void setAlertsFrameBounds(Rectangle alertsFrameBounds)
      Stores bounds of AlertsPane.
    • getCommunicationFrameBounds

      public Rectangle getCommunicationFrameBounds()
      Retrieves bounds of CommunicationPane.
    • setCommunicationFrameBounds

      public void setCommunicationFrameBounds(Rectangle communicationFrameBounds)
      Stores bounds of CommunicationPane.
    • getSystemsFrameBounds

      public Rectangle getSystemsFrameBounds()
      Retrieves bounds of SystemsPane.
    • setSystemsFrameBounds

      public void setSystemsFrameBounds(Rectangle systemsFrameBounds)
      Stores bounds of SystemsPane.
    • getServer

      public String getServer()
      Retrieves server address of LoginDialog.
    • setServer

      public void setServer(String server)
      Stores server address of LoginDialog.
    • getServerPort

      public String getServerPort()
      Retrieves server port of LoginDialog.
    • setServerPort

      public void setServerPort(String serverPort)
      Stores server port of LoginDialog.
    • getExternal

      public String getExternal()
      Retrieves external address of LoginDialog.
    • setExternal

      public void setExternal(String external)
      Stores external address of LoginDialog.
    • getLocalPort

      public String getLocalPort()
      Retrieves local port of LoginDialog.
    • setLocalPort

      public void setLocalPort(String localPort)
      Stores local port of LoginDialog.
    • getUsername

      public User.Name getUsername()
      Retrieves username of LoginDialog.
    • setUsername

      public void setUsername(User.Name username)
      Stores username of LoginDialog.
    • getSystemsAlertLevel

      public AlertLevel getSystemsAlertLevel()
      Retrieves alert level of SystemsPane.
    • setSystemsAlertLevel

      public void setSystemsAlertLevel(AlertLevel systemsAlertLevel)
      Stores alert level of SystemsPane.
    • getSystemsSplitPaneDividerLocation

      public int getSystemsSplitPaneDividerLocation()
      Retrieves split pane location of SystemsPane.
    • setSystemsSplitPaneDividerLocation

      public void setSystemsSplitPaneDividerLocation(int systemsSplitPaneDividerLocation)
      Stores split pane location of SystemsPane.
    • getCommunicationMultiSplitLayoutModel

      public MultiSplitLayout.Node getCommunicationMultiSplitLayoutModel(String layoutDef)
      Retrieves layout model of CommunicationPane.
    • setCommunicationMultiSplitLayoutModel

      public void setCommunicationMultiSplitLayoutModel(String layoutDef, MultiSplitLayout.Node modelRoot)
      Stores layout model of CommunicationPane.
    • getTicketEditorMultiSplitLayoutModel

      public MultiSplitLayout.Node getTicketEditorMultiSplitLayoutModel(TicketEditor.PreferencesSet preferencesSet, String layoutDef)
      Retrieves layout model of TicketEditor.
    • setTicketEditorMultiSplitLayoutModel

      public void setTicketEditorMultiSplitLayoutModel(TicketEditor.PreferencesSet preferencesSet, String layoutDef, MultiSplitLayout.Node modelRoot)
      Stores layout model of TicketEditor.
    • getTicketEditorFrameBounds

      public Rectangle getTicketEditorFrameBounds()
      Retrieves bounds of TicketEditor.
    • setTicketEditorFrameBounds

      public void setTicketEditorFrameBounds(Rectangle ticketEditorFrameBounds)
      Stores bounds of TicketEditor.