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Description of AOServ Master
The AOServ Master is a central server that runs on top of a PostgreSQL database. It provides data to the AOServ Clients while applying appropriate server-level and account-level filters. It handles the client API requests while maintaining security, enforcing account isolation, and synchronizing the distributed caches. All communication to the AOServ Daemons is performed by the master server.

Every AO Industries server is maintained by a Java process called the AOServ Daemon. This process runs as root and has full access to the machine. The process is responsible for verifying the server distribution, backing-up files, maintaining configuration files, configuring database systems, and controlling server processes.

Although the source code for the AOServ Client API is available, we keep control of the source code for both the AOServ Master and the AOServ Daemons. We maintain this level of control because this code is the heart of our business. It has been under development for years and provides our small staff with the tools necessary to maintain such a comprehensive suite of software reliably and efficiently. Also, our ability to create these automated systems allows us to keep our prices down without requiring our personnel to eat ramen every other meal.
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