Class SignupBillingInformationForm

All Implemented Interfaces:
SessionActionForm, Serializable

public class SignupBillingInformationForm extends ActionForm implements Serializable, SessionActionForm
AO Industries, Inc.
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  • Constructor Details

    • SignupBillingInformationForm

      public SignupBillingInformationForm()
  • Method Details

    • isEmpty

      public boolean isEmpty()
      Description copied from interface: SessionActionForm
      Indicates this form is empty, meaning that a default instance may be used in its place with no consequences.
      Specified by:
      isEmpty in interface SessionActionForm
    • getBillingContact

      public final String getBillingContact()
    • setBillingContact

      public final void setBillingContact(String billingContact)
    • getBillingEmail

      public final String getBillingEmail()
    • setBillingEmail

      public final void setBillingEmail(String billingEmail)
    • getBillingUseMonthly

      public final boolean getBillingUseMonthly()
    • setBillingUseMonthly

      public final void setBillingUseMonthly(boolean billingUseMonthly)
    • getBillingPayOneYear

      public final boolean getBillingPayOneYear()
    • setBillingPayOneYear

      public final void setBillingPayOneYear(boolean billingPayOneYear)
    • getBillingCardholderName

      public final String getBillingCardholderName()
    • setBillingCardholderName

      public final void setBillingCardholderName(String billingCardholderName)
    • getBillingCardNumber

      public final String getBillingCardNumber()
    • setBillingCardNumber

      public final void setBillingCardNumber(String billingCardNumber)
    • getBillingExpirationMonth

      public final String getBillingExpirationMonth()
    • setBillingExpirationMonth

      public final void setBillingExpirationMonth(String billingExpirationMonth)
    • getBillingExpirationYear

      public final String getBillingExpirationYear()
    • setBillingExpirationYear

      public final void setBillingExpirationYear(String billingExpirationYear)
    • getBillingStreetAddress

      public final String getBillingStreetAddress()
    • setBillingStreetAddress

      public final void setBillingStreetAddress(String billingStreetAddress)
    • getBillingCity

      public final String getBillingCity()
    • setBillingCity

      public final void setBillingCity(String billingCity)
    • getBillingState

      public final String getBillingState()
    • setBillingState

      public final void setBillingState(String billingState)
    • getBillingZip

      public final String getBillingZip()
    • setBillingZip

      public final void setBillingZip(String billingZip)
    • validate

      public ActionErrors validate(ActionMapping mapping, HttpServletRequest request)
      validate in class ActionForm
    • numbersOnly

      @Deprecated(forRemoval=true) public static String numbersOnly(String s)
      Deprecated, for removal: This API element is subject to removal in a future version.
      Please call CreditCard.numbersOnly directly.