Class SignupCustomizeManagementForm

All Implemented Interfaces:
SessionActionForm, Serializable

public class SignupCustomizeManagementForm extends ActionForm implements Serializable, SessionActionForm
AO Industries, Inc.
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  • Constructor Details

    • SignupCustomizeManagementForm

      public SignupCustomizeManagementForm()
  • Method Details

    • isEmpty

      public boolean isEmpty()
      Description copied from interface: SessionActionForm
      Indicates this form is empty, meaning that a default instance may be used in its place with no consequences.
      Specified by:
      isEmpty in interface SessionActionForm
    • getBackupOnsiteOption

      public final int getBackupOnsiteOption()
    • setBackupOnsiteOption

      public final void setBackupOnsiteOption(int backupOnsiteOption)
    • getBackupOffsiteOption

      public final int getBackupOffsiteOption()
    • setBackupOffsiteOption

      public final void setBackupOffsiteOption(int backupOffsiteOption)
    • getBackupDvdOption

      public final String getBackupDvdOption()
    • setBackupDvdOption

      public final void setBackupDvdOption(String backupDvdOption)
    • getDistributionScanOption

      public final int getDistributionScanOption()
    • setDistributionScanOption

      public final void setDistributionScanOption(int distributionScanOption)
    • getFailoverOption

      public final int getFailoverOption()
    • setFailoverOption

      public final void setFailoverOption(int failoverOption)
    • getFormCompleted

      public final String getFormCompleted()
    • setFormCompleted

      public final void setFormCompleted(String formCompleted)