Class SignupTechnicalForm

All Implemented Interfaces:
SessionActionForm, Serializable

public class SignupTechnicalForm extends ActionForm implements Serializable, SessionActionForm
AO Industries, Inc.
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  • Constructor Details

    • SignupTechnicalForm

      public SignupTechnicalForm()
  • Method Details

    • isEmpty

      public boolean isEmpty()
      Description copied from interface: SessionActionForm
      Indicates this form is empty, meaning that a default instance may be used in its place with no consequences.
      Specified by:
      isEmpty in interface SessionActionForm
    • getBaName

      public final String getBaName()
    • setBaName

      public final void setBaName(String baName)
    • getBaTitle

      public final String getBaTitle()
    • setBaTitle

      public final void setBaTitle(String baTitle)
    • getBaWorkPhone

      public final String getBaWorkPhone()
    • setBaWorkPhone

      public final void setBaWorkPhone(String baWorkPhone)
    • getBaCellPhone

      public final String getBaCellPhone()
    • setBaCellPhone

      public final void setBaCellPhone(String baCellPhone)
    • getBaHomePhone

      public final String getBaHomePhone()
    • setBaHomePhone

      public final void setBaHomePhone(String baHomePhone)
    • getBaFax

      public final String getBaFax()
    • setBaFax

      public final void setBaFax(String baFax)
    • getBaEmail

      public final String getBaEmail()
    • setBaEmail

      public final void setBaEmail(String baEmail)
    • getBaAddress1

      public final String getBaAddress1()
    • setBaAddress1

      public final void setBaAddress1(String baAddress1)
    • getBaAddress2

      public final String getBaAddress2()
    • setBaAddress2

      public final void setBaAddress2(String baAddress2)
    • getBaCity

      public final String getBaCity()
    • setBaCity

      public final void setBaCity(String baCity)
    • getBaState

      public final String getBaState()
    • setBaState

      public final void setBaState(String baState)
    • getBaCountry

      public final String getBaCountry()
    • setBaCountry

      public final void setBaCountry(String baCountry)
    • getBaZip

      public final String getBaZip()
    • setBaZip

      public final void setBaZip(String baZip)
    • getBaUsername

      public final String getBaUsername()
    • setBaUsername

      public final void setBaUsername(String baUsername)
    • getBaPassword

      public final String getBaPassword()
    • setBaPassword

      public final void setBaPassword(String baPassword)
    • validate

      public ActionErrors validate(ActionMapping mapping, HttpServletRequest request)
      validate in class ActionForm