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Application Infrastructure Provider
An Application Infrastructure Provider builds and maintains a secure and reliable environment in which developers and Application Service Providers (ASPs) can develop and host their applications. An Application Infrastructure Provider like AO Industries differs from a traditional web hosting company in that we understand and empathize specifically with developers and ASPs. We know that they often play many roles: from automator to ambassador, from enabler to troubleshooter. Our goal is to make the tasks of application development, deployment, and maintenance as smooth as possible.
The facets of service that we cover are:

Server Security and Reliability
We maintain all aspects of the server's physical and informational security, as well as ensuring its accessibility and maintaining the effectiveness and operational readiness of its hardware.
Account Compartmentalization
We take every possible precaution to preserve an account's security from the server side. Passwords and credit card numbers are not stored in unencrypted form anywhere, and all unneeded accounts are promptly removed from the servers.
Maintenance and Support for Underlying Technologies
All technologies installed on our servers are maintained to their latest stable versions, and we attempt to keep older versions installed for backward compatability wherever possible. This includes all software, scripts, and supporting data up to, but not including, our clients' content and applications.
Daily Backups
All data on the servers is backed up off-site on a daily basis, including all financial transaction data, client account information, and config files.
Email, Database, and DNS Hosting
Support for email systems, DNS hosting, and database systems rounds out our list of services, and provides much needed interconnectivity between the developer, the end-user, and the data being processed.