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Business Continuity Planning
AO Industries, Inc. is a small business. We have few, but dedicated, employees. From day one, we have grown not through manpower, but through automation and process streamlining. This allows us to remain small while providing reliable and timely service to clients.

While working with any business, and especially a small business, business continuity is an expected concern. Our clients need to know that their businesses will continue, regardless of what happens to AO Industries. We address these concerns on both the technical and business fronts.

The technical measures are outlined in the description of AOServ reliablity measures.

On the business side of things, we plan for continued service to our customers. Should all members of AO Industries become unavailable at the same time, Xeroscape, Inc. will take over the operation of AO Industries, Inc. With the majority of our servers in their racks, and their proven commitment and competence, this is the most natural and logical plan to guarantee continued support for our clients.

To provide Xeroscape with everything necessary to execute these plans, we have written a small book entitled "Corporate Book". Although not an interesting title or book, it contains about 40 pages of the most relevant information about AO Industries, Inc. Xeroscape has been provided the latest copy of this document, SSH keys for access to servers, keys for access to our safe and file cabinets, and password lists for all servers and services. With this information, and the technical knowledge Xeroscape already possesses, Xeroscape will be able to step in and assume responsibility seamlessly.
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