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Stability and Longevity
Due to the high number of failed Internet business ventures, potential clients often ask about the stability and longevity of AO Industries, Inc. These concerns are very well warranted, and some of the common questions are answered below.

Are you dedicated to a long-term relationship?
AO Industries is 100% dedicated to long-term relationships with its clients. Our business is built on long-term, low-attrition accounts. We are here for the long haul with no desire to deviate from our current path.
Are you going to disappear without notice?
If, for some unforseen reason, we were to shutdown AO Industries, we would provide from three months to a year of advanced notice. Even if all the members of AO Industries were to simultaneously win $100,000,000 lotteries, we would not feel right doing anything less than this. We are committed to our clients and know that they, in turn, are committed to their customers. Any sudden shutdown would cascade many depths reaching many people. We consider this type of act inconsiderate and irresponsible.
Are you going to accept advanced payment and then shutdown before the term of service has been completed?
Our monthly profit exceeds the total amount of credit contained in client accounts. With a one month notice we could refund all credits in full.
What assurances are there that your services will continue and not suddenly terminate, thus hurting our business?
Our Business Continuity Planning addresses this with more detail. In short, we are concerned not just for our business continuity, but also yours.
Are you going to be acquired by a large, impersonal business that will cause service to degrade?
Although not our goal, we leave the option of acquisition open. We will, however, look out for your best interests during the transaction. We will ensure that, for at least a reasonable time of three months to a year, service will be provided in a consistent manner.
Being a small business, what happens if you are all hit by a bus at once?
If we all become incapacitated in any way, either temporarily or permanently, Xeroscape, Inc. will assume the day-to-day operations of AO Industries, Inc. This arrangement is further detailed in our Business Continuity Planning.
How is your relationship with other businesses that you depend on?
We currently have close relationships with Hy-Tech Computer Systems, Inc. and Xeroscape, Inc. Hy-Tech provides our hardware while Xeroscape maintains the primary data center in Kansas City, Missouri. We are in good standing with both of these businesses, and they are both in good standing with us. Both of these businesses provide personal service to us in the same manner we provide personal service to our clients.
How stable are the other businesses that you depend on?
Hy-Tech's stability, although proven, is not critical to the daily operations of AO Industries.

Xeroscape provides the rack space, power, networking, and hands-on service for our hardware in the Kansas City, Missouri data center. They have always been available 24 hours a day, every day of every year. Their business is growing at a comfortable and manageable rate, and they have proven their stability over several years of consistent service and communication.
Is your business profitable?
After three months of operation, our business was profitable. We rapidly reached a profitable state by carefully keeping our costs down. Since that time we have grown the business through its own profits and have kept an equally close eye on costs. We remain profitable to this day.
Is your business in debt?
No. Debt is a big drain on any individual or business. By avoiding debt, we have been able to simultaneously keep low prices, grow our business, maintain a comfortable profit margin, pay our employees, pay our taxes, and pay our stockholders.
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