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About AO Industries, Inc.
AO Industries provides commercial web hosting, related Internet services, and automation software. To surpass the demands of this increasingly competitive market, AO Industries has developed a hosting platform known as the AOServ Platform. During the development process, they worked intimately with clients to meet specific demands while generating reusable and consistent tools that are available to all users. Although originally developed as a means of system, client, and business administration, this development approach has led to a continuously evolving code base that is the backbone of all services either directly or indirectly offered by AO Industries.

AO Industries, Inc. is a privately held Wyoming corporation that was founded in November of 1999. It has been providing commercial web hosting services since July of 2000. It has been built from its own profits and experiences constant growth while remaining debt free. Being lean and debt free, AO Industries has risen through the economic declines of the past few years.

AO Industries is built to last, is stable, and takes great care in its business continuity procedures.