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Kansas City, Missouri
Kansas City, Missouri is our originial location. It has less overall network capacity than our other locations like Fremont and Amsterdam, but the capacity it does have is more than sufficient to maintain good performance for the servers in this facility. Both our internal network and our backbone connections are wired with 100 Mbit ethernet. If needed we will upgrade our internal network to gigabit, but gigabit connections through the backbone providers are not at this time possible. Also, rack space is limited, and the price per rack is higher.

Our equipment in Kansas City, Missouri is housed with Xeroscape, Inc. Almost all aspects of network reliability, network performance, and power are directly obtained from Xeroscape. We add network security on top of their system by providing redundant firewalls dividing traffic into physically-isolated networks.

Xeroscape's networking has been very reliable for us. It is a good location for low latency to most parts of the country, especially the mid-West. Xeroscape has recently expanded their power infrastructure to ensure reliable service. Overall, Xeroscape provides excellent service in their facility.

We are currently adding new hardware to Fremont and Amsterdam. Kansas City is mostly used for existing customers, but we can add hardware to this location should it be best for a customer.

We focus on the security and reliability of hardware, operating systems, and application infrastructure. We count on Xeroscape for the networking, power, climate control, and physical security.
Street Address The street address of our Kansas City, Missouri data center.
Network Architecture The Kansas City, Missouri data center network architecture.
Power Layout The power layout for the Kansas City, Missouri data center.
Current Capacity The capacity of the Kansas City, Missouri data center.
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